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  • Infinity Heart Metal Wall Art 13-24".
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Your ONE OF A KIND custom metal art order starts once you place your order wth us. You will be emailed your order verification and then our designers will process your order with your custom text that you have requested. A Visual Proof or Rendition will be sent to you within 1-2 days via Email/text etc.. Once approved your item/s will then be CNC Laser Or Plasma cut using 14GA P&O carbon steel. (Fire-pits are 11GA P&O carbon steel) We then inspect the cut quality and then Wide Belt Sand the front and back to De-burr and polish the metal. Once Sanded your item gets Cleaned/Washed and Dried to get ready for the Powder-coating process. Then your item goes into our custom built spray booth and we then use an Industrial powder, This is a process that will Electrostatic coat your item to your colour choice. Once Coated your item is moved to the large Powder Coat Oven which cures the powder so that your items is durable and strong. Once you item cools down, it is then inspected again. Once inspected you are then notified by email or Phone, that your order is ready. At this point we will process your order for Pickup or Shipping to you. This whole process takes from 1-2 weeks total.