Our Fulfillment Process

• Once you submit your order we are immediately notified of your order 24/7.

• Our designer will work on your design and be in contact with you to go over your design and supply you a rendering of the final design via email.

• Only once the design is approved then we take it into our Fab Shop and start to produce your item.

The Process

• We first choose your 14-11 Gauge P&O Steel depending on what was purchased. We then clean it to get contaminates off the metal and place it on our CNC Laser or Plasma and Program it into the system.

• We then cut the product while at the same time ensuring that it meets the design aspects and the customers requests/needs.

• Once the design is cut we again inspect the item.

• We then deburr/wide sand your product to get it ready for the powder coating process.

• At this point we clean and Wash/Dry your product to make sure its clean for the Powder coating Process.

• Next we Powder Coat the item to your specifications in our industrial Spray booth and Custom Powder Coat Oven to approx. 400 Degrees.

• This bakes the powder coat into the metal to make it durable and more scratch resistant than regular paint, this allows for years looking beautiful.

• Once your item has cooled off it gets removed from the Powdercoat oven and it again inspected for illregularties .

• The customer is now called and or/emailed that their item is ready for pickup or shipping.

• Your item is then with packaged for in store pickup or shipping.

• Orders generally take approximately 7-10 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gauge metal do you use?

14 Gauge on Wall metal art, not thinner metal like some others. For fire pits we use 10-11 Guage

How do you finish the metal?

We powder coat all metal in order to make it last a long long time unlike others that just paint.

Do you do Licensed Logos on metal work ie… Harley,NHL,NBA,MLB etc.?

Unfortunately NO , these are copyrighted logos and NOT! allowed to re-produced.

Do you do Custom ideas projects?

Yes please contact us at dynamicgraffix@cogeco.net as we love custom projects and we always want to bring your ideas to life. These Prices are always quoted to you, and once approved we design and produce a ONE of a Kind piece of Metal Art.

Metal Art Guidelines and Hazards

Please read the following as this is very important to fully understand before purchasong any metal work.

Regarding All of our Metal work Products including Wall Metal Art and Fire Rings etc.

It is inherent that the metal we use in our process can be dangerous if handled incorrectly so we have a few simple guidelines to follow.

Since Our Designs are Cut out of metal any where from 14 gauge to 1/4” thick plate, depending on what products we are making for you . All metal is Cut with a Professional High Power Laser and CNC Plasma cutter in order to give you the best appearance of a floating design looking like a silhouette, some with graphics and with text that you can see against a wall or thru the fire in our fire pits.  Due to the complexity of cutting letters and designs out of steel there are points that are sharp (VERY SHARP) in order to get the look of the design this is required.

All of our metal (art) goes through a rigorous process of making sure that there are no sharp edges/burs. We do our best to debur all edges,. All of the metal we use is treated in some way before it leaves the Shop. ie. powder coat which helps protect your product for a long time and while at the same time it also helps protect you from getting Cut from the metal. There is no way to stop getting cut without wearing proper gloves so when you handle anything metal while mounting etc. please be careful and if you have gloves please wear them so you don’t accidentally cut or poke your self with a sharp point.

For any Fire Pits especially when burning anything inside them, Please only burn items that are meant to be burned in a fire pit, and please stay 2 feet away from it at all times  due to wood embers etc when the Fire Pit is Lit or HOT! Please let your guests know that these fire rings when a fire is present can be extremely hot and burn skin instantly by just brushing up against it.

Dynamic Graffix Signs and More Inc. will not be held responsible for any Medical issues that may have been caused by handling our products. Please handle with care at ALL TIMES!